DuPlessis Orphans Ltr/Archbishop, Ontario Prime Min.

Keep The Ethical Light Burning, KELB, Inc.
Nationwide Membership
“We intend that man shall be free to live
by no man’s leave under the sun.”
Nuremberg Trials Conclusory Statement


. . .
May 28, 2014

Re: Canadian Orphans Demand Compensation for Sexual Abuse
and Torture By Catholic Church
Special News Release To The Arctic Beacon
Washington DC:

Dear Archbishop Lacroix:
(followed by letter to Prime Minister of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne)

Incidents in the lawsuit Rabi Abdullah, et al. v. Pfizer, Inc., occurred in 1996. In this case, the major issue at law, is non-consensual experimentation and Nuremberg Code violations, concerning Nigerian children, who were experimented on, without their informed consent. Based on the date of tis lawsuit, and its’ issues, it seems that many of the nationstates that attended the Nuremberg Trials, including the United States, learned little, from the decisions and resulting law, on informed consent, for human subject testing, that was created during these historic and precedent setting, trials (based on the abuses found in WWII German camps, such as Auschwitz and Bergen-Beltsen). The Nuremberg Code is international law.

Concurrently, in the same years, the DuPlessis orphan abuses, are one example of unchecked, violent and harmful non consensual human subject testing, that continued and remained, unchecked or stopped, by this precedent setting decision, at Nuremberg. Human rights violations need to be examined in the light of day now, (as opposed to the closed wards of the psychiatric institutions, all those years ago, where these infants and young children were unable to “call out“). These children, who are now adults, need to be compensated and “made whole”, as they bravely seek the justice and human rights, denied to them.

“Human and civil rights” are concepts written into State and International law. They intertwine and extend to the world’s public interest. They appear in the tenets of the International Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations). These concepts reinforce the Nuremberg Code, as an operative norm of legal justice. The legal norm we emphasize on this issue, is in the Nuremberg Code, and is the statement that “no human experimentation shall occur without the informed consent of the human subject.”

This legal “norm of practice” was severely violated with Clarissa, a DuPlessis orphan, as Mr. Levy notes in his article :
“Clarina was sexually abused by sisters at the St. Julien Hospital, she would be put in a straitjacket and attached with a collar around her neck and tied down on a steel bed during the abuse. In order to justify Clarina’s transfer from an Orphanage to a psychiatric Hospital at the age of 11 years old, the Roman Catholic order fabricated a false death certificate.. . .” 1.

These acts of abuse, on children in their care, at the hands of these nuns, medical doctors and intelligence agencies are beyond human comprehension. And these abuses remain still unaddressed, by both the governments of Canada and the United States. The victims of these egregious and abusive experiments have not been “made whole”.

Similarly, over 40 years later (!) in Rabi Abdullah, et al. v. Pfizer, Inc., 2. it was found that:

“. . .If a norm of customary international law, as the prohibition on non-consensual medical experimentation, occurs, a claim can proceed to trial.  This is one of the important findings in the case of  Rabi Abdullahi, et al. v. Pfizer, Inc., 05-4863 cv (L), 05-6768-cv(CON).

Judges Poole, Wesley and Parker stated that this prohibition “meets this standard because, among other reasons, it is specific, focused and accepted by nations around the world without significant exception“ (Rabi Abdullahi, et al. v. Pfizer, Inc., et al.).

Their decision further states that : “The evolution of the prohibition into a norm of customary international law began with the war crimes trials at Nuremberg. The United States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and France “acting in the interest of all the United Nations,” established the International Military Tribunal (“IMT”) through entry into the London Agreement of August 8, 1945. M. Cheriff Bassiouni et al., An Appraisal of Human Experimentation in International Law and Practice: The Need for International Regulation of Human Experimentation, 72 J.Crim. L. & Criminology
1597, 1640 & n. 220 (1981) (internal quotation marks omitted). (IBID).. . .”

The Nuremberg Code was one result of these war crimes trials. It unequivocably states that no human experimentation can occur without the informed consent of the human subject. The decision in this case illustrates the universal application of this code in national law.
In this case the American Pfizer Corporation tested Nigeran children with the drug Trovan and Ceflriaxone in 1996 without their consent.

In 2009, motions were decided on this case. Nuremberg was decided in 1947 (over 60 years earlier), as a result of the depraved German human experimentation in the camps, witnessed by the world, when the allies entered Germany. What a time spread !

It seems that there are those, in power, with power, who – – – seemingly, do not understand this universal and national law. The abuses, it seemed, continued. More quietly, but they continued, nonethless. The DuPlessis orphans and MKUltra survivors reach out for justice, now. We support and work with the DuPlessis Orphans and other MKUltra survivors.

The code determined at Nuremberg is law. The serious abuse that occurred in the orphanages and at the hands of the CIA and their doctors, needs remedy and it needs remedy, now. Nuremberg determined, among other things, that every life is precious and has value, as opposed to Hitler’s “lives not worthy of being lived”. This law, and human concept, apparently made little difference to the sisters at the DuPlessis Orphanages, the American CIA, who egregiously experimented on American children and others, who felt this law didn’t apply to them. It does. And we need to right this wrong, now.

Rights theorists demand that tenets of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (including the directive against torture) are honored, in cases of abuse. Any concept that finds, it is acceptable to hurt a small innocent group, for the greater good or benefit, of the larger group, “society”, for medical testing, or any other non-consensual testing outcomes, is unacceptable. This is the argument against utilitarianism and we firmly advocate for this philosophical tenant. These are bedrock tenants of law and humanistic philosophy, that we believe make recognition, resolution and the “making whole” of the DuPlessis Orphans and MKUltra survivors, imperative, now.

Thank you for your attention to this vital matter.

Very sincerely,
Lynn Bowne Weed,
Co-Chairwoman, Kelb, Inc.
Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Inc.
Non-profit Advocacy Against Non-consensual
experimentation and abuse
New York City Paralegal

Bowne House Historical Society Member
16th Generation of the John Bowne Family
Flushing, New York, U.S.
Harbored Quakers from persecution
Flushing Remonstrance, Forerunner to the
U.S. Bill of Rights
1. Dr. Jonathan Levy, Esq.
1629 K Street NW Suite 300
Washington DC 20006 USA
Tel/Fax 1-202-318-2406
chambers at brimstoneandcompany.com
rodvienneau at distributel.net
2. http://keepethicallightburning.org/pfizer-case/

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Feinstein Ltr4/18/14

Re: Survivors of the CIA’s non-consensual experimentation and Fourth Amendment abuses

“Besides the constitutional implications, the CIA search may have violated the Fourth Amendment, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as (an executive order), which bars the CIA from conducting domestic surveillance. . . “ Senator Diane Fienstein 1.

CANR supports this statement as well as Senator Wyden’s prior statement:on this issue
“. . .to address the Intelligence Community’s reliance on secret interpretations of surveillance law, arguing that while “intelligence agencies need to be able to conduct operations in secret, even secret operations need to be conducted within the bounds of established, publicly understood law.. . .” 1.
Our Issue: Defendants’ promise in the 1970s to locate the victims of their human experimentation program, and to provide compensation and health care, proved to be hollow. Defendants never made a sincere effort to locate the survivors. . . . (#15),
from Gordon Erspamer, Lead lawyer for Vietnam Veterans of America.
Their current case: Vietnam Veterans of America et al. v. CIA et al. CV 09-0037-CW,U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal 2009) . i Quote from: Second Amended Order for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief Under U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes (Class Action), pp 8,9 # 13,14,15,16

Dear Senator Diane Fienstein:
Our organization, CANR, Citizens Against Nonconsensual Research, supports your position on this very important national issue. We ask that you look into a matter that denies Fourth Amendment protections to citizens, the issue of non-consensual experimentation. As a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence, and as one who is similarly concerned with Fourth Amendment rights’ denials, we seek your counsel, with these problems. We feel you are uniquely qualified to speak with us, give us direction and work towards a solution. We ask that you or your staff member respond to us, at your earliest possible convenience.
Our primary issue is non-consensual experimentation, including directed energy weapon testing, on unwitting citizens. A secondary issue are the FISA and Patriot “lists”. . In presenting the very nature of our issues and claims, many members believe they may have been placed on a FISA, or Patriot list and surveilled with some pretty harassing methods.
We are presenting here, expert signal evidence reports, witnessing unauthorized human experimentation, using directed energy transmitters. We include specific testimony, and clear infrared photograpy. This problem is nationwide, involving at least 2,000 citizens. Affected citizens include everyday people, professionals, whistleblowers, and earlier experimentation survivors.
There is apparent involvement of the intelligence/military, in a covert capacity, directing these actions. We believe this may involve activities of known mil/intel existing, contracting agencies, such as Blackwater (now Ze), Haliburton and others. The wrongdoings — illegal and harmful acts, include this secret experimentation, harassment, as well as attempts to discredit the complaining victim or whistle blowing parties.
The nature of this experimentation and the parties involved, lead many members to believe they may have been placed on a surveillance list: FISA, or Patriot, without cause. We believe that this list placement, acts as color of law, to cover and continue this experimentation.
We find your position on denial of Fourth Amendment rights, and abuses of the intelligence agencies to be humane, democratic, and lawful. When any governmental branch steps beyond lawful boundaries, or isn’t forthcoming with “secret” laws, senate investigation and oversight is vital. America is not and by democratic intention, never will be — totalitarian. Your intervention on this matter, ensures this. We are in support of your statements on Fourth Amendment abuses, and overreach by intelligence agency surveillance.
We are asking for your advice, guidance and support. No CANR member has any affiliation with any terrorist groups. Our members are everyday American citizens. We are presenting our issues and beliefs, in our letter to you and again, seek your advice, guidance and help.
Directed Energy Weapons/Devices
As a brief referenced overview of directed energy weapons and the problems these unsought “tests” present: EM energy is defined as the frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum, microwaves, the infrared frequencies, radio waves, extremely low frequency (elf) and others. All EM energies are radiation.
Many everyday devices use EM transmissions to work. Our ipads, ipods, and cell phones use this technology, along with EM frequencies, microwaves, to transmit voices across the continent. WiFi’s and other computers transmit via EM and radio frequencies. The devices, themselves act as both receivers and senders. These are not traditional forms of energy (electric, with wires, or large engines, etc.). These small unique particles of light (microwave or other form of EM energy) are actually coded and transmitted between two devices (cell phones, iphones and others). The receiver device translates these small particles of light as sound. We see those traveling in the space shuttles communicating miles away with people in the control room, via EM transmissions.
While these devices have performed wonders for us, we need to always keep our ethical light burning. These devices can also be weaponized. They have also become the new “weapons” of war (sometimes referred to as non-lethal weapons). As was defined in the article “Wonder Weapons” (by Steven Aftergood) ii , they can work to attempt to control and harm the “enemy” whosoever that may be at a given time.
It is our belief that much of the development of these devices as weaponry, used non-consensual human subjects. Unfortunately the history of mil/intel non-consensual experimentation stretches back into the late 1930’s and early ‘40’s. These early years of development, were also the years of the Manhattan Project. The U.S. radiation experiments (1950 – 86) well exemplify the rush to scientific development, in this field, and its resultant unethical human experimentation and harms to individuals.
In her book, The Plutonium Files, Eileen Welsom chronicles the unlawful experimentation many Americans experienced at the hands of doctors and scientists they trusted. It was only years later, that the true nature of these harmful experiments were exposed.
These were years of mushrooming experimentation, (1932 – 1986 ?) which seemed to encourage or allow non-compliance with informed consent. Consequences of overlooking these inherent human rights, became the plight of victims of these non-consensual experiments. Victims endure physical and psychological harms as well as difficulties getting these problems appropriately addressed. We need to move forward, as a nation that honors ethics, and Constitutional guarantees, for all of its citizens. Admitting past (and possibly present) non-compliance, helps us do this.
The textual information in the Vets’ case is quite telling. “
The Plight of the “Volunteers”
1. This action chronicles a chilling tale of human experimentation, covert military
operations, and heretofore unchecked abuses of power by our own government.
. . .
9. . . .In at least a few instances, the victims died. Initially, the research program was limited to “defensive” purposes such as the testing of gas masks or development of antidotes, but it quickly was expanded to offensive uses with no practical limits and blatant disregard of required procedures.
10. Not only did DEFENDANTS repeatedly violate principles of ethics and human decency, as established by international law and convention through, among other pronouncements, the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki, but theybut they also violated their own regulations and the U.S. Constitution.
Bruce occasionally would regain consciousness for brief moments. On one such instance, he remembers being covered with a great deal of blood, and assumed it was his own, but did not really know the source. Also portions of his arms and the backs of his hand were blue. His wrist and ankles were bruised and
sore at the points where he had been strapped to the gurney. Bruce believes that this is the time period during which a septal implant was placed in his brain.
32. DEFENDANTS placed some sort of an implant in Bruce’s right ethmoid sinus
near the frontal lobe of his brain. The implant appears on CT scans as a “foreign body” of undetermined composition (perhaps plastic or some composite material) in in Bruce’s right ethmoid, as confirmed in a radiology report dated June 30, 2004.
33. Upon leaving Edgewood Arsenal, Bruce was debriefed by government personnel. Bruce was told to never talk about his experiences at Edgewood, and to forget about everything that he ever did, said or heard at Edgewood.
34. Within days or weeks of returning to Ft. George G. Meade, Bruce began to have trouble with his memory. For example, things as simple as filling out a maintenance report on his chopper and how to spell certain words suddenly became troublesome.”
Case4:09-cv-00037-CW Document31 Filed07/24/09 Page14 of 601


We don’t believe there are large numbers of consensual volunteers for this type of experimentation. Many of the veterans have suffered life-long physical problems due to this experimentation.
The Church Senate Subcommittee Hearings found these experiments to be unethical and illegal. As the hearings concluded, the CIA and the military were directed to find unwitting citizens, who had been experimented on and notify them of these tests in 1976. To date, it would seem that this has not happened. 3.
As can be clearly seen from the plaintiff’s information in the Vietnam Veterans’ case, the experimentation continued on, until at least 1966 (when Bruce’s implants were placed in his head.) The covert and non-consensual experimentation did not stop.
We represent a group of people who “remember” and who have found evidence of similar implantation. We are the “unwitting members of the public” who were experimented on. The Vets’ lawsuit is filed for military personnel who were consciously involved in MKUltra experimentation. As the Church SS noted, there were members of the unwitting public who were experimented on without their knowledge of consent. Many were children. We represent those children who are now adults, dealing with memories and personal invasions, such as implants.
Our group is formed to specifically deal with current and past abuses, and non-consensual testing, of directed energy weapons, and other testing, by the military/intelligence community and third party contractors, engaged. We also address the issue of “surveillance lists”. Many members may be on one, due to their activism on this very issue.
The transmission of EM energy from one point to another is silent and unseen. Using miniaturized portable devices, it is possible to test and harass a human subject in one apartment from another, in one room from another, in one building from another. Even though it is illegal, it is very hard to prove that a transmission of microwaves or EM signals, is occurring.
Some EM devices can cause human muscles to spasm, and vibrate, and it can cause nerve pain. This targeting, with bioelectric weapons, can occur in the individual’s home, workplace or on the street. These weapons, such as one that “tentanizes muscles” 3. as one might be walking into a store to shop, transmit silent unseen, electromagnetic energy, for a specific purpose (often some sort of targeted experimentation or harassment).
As you can well imagine, those of us subjected to this testing/harassment are suffering and experience pain and medical reactions. Many medical symptoms can be directly linked to overexposure to EM activity. Many require medical help due to the long-term effects of exposures to non-ionizing radiation. Intervention is imperative.
High levels of microwave transmitted to the head can cause a ringing or buzzing sound to occur. Long term exposures, to these devices can cause very painful migraine headaches,
kidney problems, cancer, changes at the cellular level (DNA “breaks” and problems with RNA performance), and other pathologies.
Military intelligence development of these devices, as weapons, has produced the taser, acoustic heterodyne, active denial system and other EM based weaponry. These weapons and devices, continue in their development. Our ipads, ipods and Blackberries combine the capabilities of computer databases and cellular telephones, using EM frequencies for transmission. These devices/weapons are losing their mystery. In 2012, many understand that their ipad operate by EM frequencies (no wires, no electrical connection necessary, “invisible” transmissions) as the DEWs we speak of. The user friendly aspects of the cell phone can be weaponized. These complaints have merit and are understandable.
The U.S. military spoke of “shock and awe” in its Iraqi military action. They refer to a device called the “Voice of God” to frighten Iraqi ground troops. This is a microwave audio (form of EM) transmission device. These are the types of directed energy (EM, MW) weapons our group complains of being exposed to, in seemingly mil/intel non-consensual experimentation.
We are enclosing and attaching infrared photographs of DEW transmissions from Judith Stringfield, a member in Hamburg, New York. (Judi has recently moved to New York from Tennessee.) She suffers from, and is victimized daily by these exposures. Judi served her country for over eleven years, as a member of the Air Force and has since worked in the private sector. Her resume is attached. (Please see Attachment 1: Photo’s and Resume, Judith Stringfield).
We also enclose and attach letters from William Bradford Taylor, (CT) private detective, hired by James Walbert, a victim, living in Kansas. This correspondence speaks of the detection and tracing of harmful microwave frequencies, James was experiencing, directed at him and his body. The letter finds the source of these harmful frequencies coming from a nearby apartment. This seems to be mostly the case in these instances, and the party involved, often when regarded, can be found to have ties (often indirectly) to either the intelligence agencies, the military, or a third party contractor through some conduit.
Nonconsensual Human Subject Testing, Unethical, Violates American Law
The nonconsensual testing, many citizens are experiencing is wrong: morally wrong. It is also a violation of national and international law. One goal is to get this stopped. Citizens must be notified of involvement in earlier, secret, CIA tests. Later human subjects, must also be notified by testing agencies of the military/intelligence. Our FOIA’s concerning list placement, must be answered.
We are working to get this stopped. We ask that you support our goals and speak with us to help our concentrated efforts to stop these violations of the human being, spirit and body. If the development of these devices does not proceed along ethical lines, and in accord with international law (developed upon exposure of outrageous abuses in Nazi Germany), human rights, as we now understand and enjoy them, are severely jeopardized.
The ethical consideration, “what kind of a world are we making and leaving for our children?” presents a very vital, real question in this situation. The very sustainability of civilization itself, is threatened by this continued unauthorized human subject testing and EM weapon development, in this manner. Current national and international laws need to be observed. Left unchecked, we believe these violations will involve our children, grandchildren and other innocent, unwitting and vulnerable populations. This needs to be stopped, now.
The Wilson Directive, the Nuremberg Code, 45 C.F.R. 46 (the Common Rule) and other laws, (including Executive Orders) and accepted norms of practice need to be adhered to. These activities need to be stopped, in accord with these rules, laws and international laws. We also would like full disclosure as to any “list” placement concerning our members and the methods necessary to be taken “off “ these lists.
We ask that you speak with us, concerning this situation and take our complaints and concerns, very seriously. Thank you for your kind attention to this problem.
Lynn Bowne Weed,
Paralegal, Co-Director, CANR
(347) 478 9582
Judith Stringfield, Co-Director, CANR


Please see Signatory Page.
Signatures, by “e” signature, verbal agreement and proxy.
Representing 45 Nationwide and by association, 200
1. Feinstein’s Quote from Huffington: Direct quote from Huffington: ” …Feinstein also said Tuesday that she is pushing the White House to find a way to release that classified 6,000-page report so that the public can learn what the CIA has done in its name.

“I have asked for an apology, and a recognition that this CIA search of computers used by this oversight committee was inappropriate. I have received neither,” Feinstein said. “Besides the constitutional implications, the CIA search may have violated the Fourth Amendment, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as [an executive order], which bars the CIA from conducting domestic surveillance.”


i Quote from: Second Amended Order for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief Under U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes (Class Action), pp 8,9 # 13,14,15,16
ii. From:
1. From: http://www.wyden.senate.gov/priorities/secret-law
2. From: http://www.wyden.senate.gov/meet-ron/biography
3. Vietnam Veterans of America et al. v. CIA et al. CV 09-0037-CW,U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal 2009), Second Amended Order for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief Under U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes (Class Action), pp 8,9 # 13,14,15,16. To wit:
#15. DEFENDANTS’ promise in the 1970s to locate the victims of their human
experimentation program, and to provide compensation and health care, proved to be hollow. DEFENDANTS never made a sincere effort to locate the survivors. . . .
To wit: #15.Defendants’ promise in the 1970s to locate the victims of their human
experimentation program, and to provide compensation and health care, proved to be hollow. Defendants never made a sincere effort to locate the survivors. . . .
from Gordon Erspamer, Lead lawyer for Vietnam Veterans of America.
Their current case: Vietnam Veterans of America et al. v. CIA et al. CV 09-0037-CW,U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal 2009) . Quote from: Second Amended Order for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief Under U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes (Class Action), pp 8,9 # 13,14,15,16
cc: Quaker Peace Mission, United Nations
Benjamin Chaney, President, James Earl Chaney, Jr. Organization, Inc.
Attachments and Signature List: Contact administrators, Lynn, Judi, David
They were sent with the original letter and are available.

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DuPlessis Orphans Demand Inquiry/Precedent

DuPlessis Orphans Demand Legal Inquiry
and Long Awaited Justice
Mrs.Navanethem Pillay

High Commissioner for Human Rights

3 february 2014
Object:Demanding a Royal Independant Inquiry into the Duplessis orphans case

Madam Pillay,
The Commission for Victims of Crimes against Humanity in the Duplessis Orphans case, wrote you a letter dated the 25 December 2013, we haven’t recieve any acknowledgement from the United Nations Human Rights Council, nor from yourself madam Pillay, having said this, Duplessis orphan Paul St Aubin, a native indian from the Wôlinak Reserve near Three Rivers Quebec, Canada, came to see me asking that i write a letter to the Minister of Justice of Quebec Bertrand St Arnaud. Paul St Aubin’s letter was sent by Canada Post this morning, i’m sending you a copy of his testimony, also to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper will recieve his copy with this email, the media, and to Attorney Jonathan Levy Washington DC. Paul St Aubin was placed by a government institution to work slave labor on a farm for a period of six years, he was only 11 years old at the time, then, a Quebec Court sent Paul St Aubin to a Psychiatric Hospital and forgotten by the State for 18 years, governments & UN Officials must read his letter. We also recieved this ruling which came to our attention a few days ago, proving how children were targeted by different countries such as Ireland ; Canada ; United States ; who performed unauthorized medical experiments on children who should have been protected, Canada and the Province of Quebec both signed the International Declaration on Human Rights 1945, the other 1948, neither one of these governments protected the thousands of Duplessis orphans who were tortured and murdered, experiments ranging from lobotomies, electroshocks, Mkultra, beaten & whipped and imprisonment from months to years and falsely labeled mentally retarded. We are demanding a Royal Independant Inquiry into the Duplessis orphans case.

The victims need to recieve a positive acknowledgement from the United Nations Human Rights Council, we must say Bravo to this ruling in Ireland, the Duplessis orphans must obtain Justice.

Rod Vienneau
Commission pour les Victimes de
Crimes contre Humanité (CVCCH)
Dossier des Orphelins de Duplessis
Président du Comité les Enfants
de la Grande Noirceur (C.E.G.N.)
Auteur du Livre “Les Enfants de la Grande Noirceur”
Auteur, Compositeur, Interprète Album “Grand Pré”
Joliette, Qc

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European Union Ct Ruling Precedent

Rod V. (Canada/activist) has just sent this important ruling from the European Union concerning church and state child abuse liability. Both have liability according to this high court. An especially important ruling for MKUltra abuse survivors. Please read this very important New York Times article.

“… The human rights ruling put the issue in a more responsible and just context. It presumably opens the government to hundreds more liability claims in Ireland, and possibly even in other nations where church and state allowed sexual abuse in schools to go unpunished. …”

It sets a legal precedent for both church and state to be held legally liable for child abuse and molestation. Yes, it is very pertinent to abuses at the DuPlessis Orphanages and MKUltra abuses in general. This is a very, very positive ruling that can be used with the Canadian and American abuses. So very glad they made this ruling in Ireland. Thank you for sending. Really good news, Rod. Glad.

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Vets’ Press Article

Please Contact: Lynn Weed,
Test Vets Win Medical Care and “Notice”
by Lynn Weed
November 19, 2013 California

U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken (CA), today issued an injunction in the case of Vietnam Veterans of America, et al. v. CIA, et al., directing that the Army inform this national class of veteran test subjects, of the details and health effects of experiments performed on them while, they served as active duty military. These vets, from across the country * sued based on tests performed on them, at the Edgewood Arsenal base in Maryland, using allegedly more than 400 different chemical and biological substances. The tests occurred over a span of more than fifty years (1938 – 86) and involved tens of thousands of active duty military. The substances these veterans were tested with, ranged from drugs or chemicals (sarin, LSD, BZ, mustard gas and a THC analog called “red oil”) to biological weapon agents such as tulaaremia and Q-Fever.

Judge Claudia Wilken granted summary judgment that the Army has “an ongoing duty to warn members of the class about newly acquired information that may affect their well-being now and in the future as it becomes available,” and enjoined the Army to inform veterans about the nature, duration and possible health effects of the biological or chemical experiments. The Army is required to provide the court with a plan for notifying veterans about the experiments, within 90 days. The court also found that Army Regulation 70-25 “entitles Plaintiffs to medical care for any disabilities, injuries or illnesses suffered. Through this ruling, the vets can get the medical coverage needed for their illnesses and disabilities suffered.

While these are important claims decided for the plaintiff veterans, their initial claims also sought resolution on other issues, including medical care from the Army, itself, instead of the Veterans Administration. This reflects a general belief among enlisted people that the Army provides better medical care than the Veterans Administration. The vets have appealed this Summary Judgment Order, seeking their additional claims to be reassessed by the Appellate Court.

Surviving vets deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, and a variety of other diseases or disabling ailments, associated with the test substances.

The Nuremberg Code, the Wilson Directive and 45 C.F.R. 46 prohibit against human experimentation without the informed consent of the human subject. No medical facility, doctor, contractor or military person may experiment on humans without their informed consent.

The first Appellate date for the vets is Wednesday, December 4, 2013 when mediative forms will be due.

The Philadelphia Inquirer exposed similar military intelligence experiments performed on Holmesburg Prison inmates in PA, during the same years. These “Experimentation Survivors” were exposed to and tested with similar substances as the Vets. Pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson and Johnson and others made millions on the test results, while these prisoners were often paid “a dollar a day”, for using their bodies for experimentation. They now suffer the same or similar, disabling diseases and illnesses as the vets. Author Allen Hornblum wrote about these human “experiments” in his best selling book, Acres of Skin.
For more information: http://www.edgewoodtestvets.org


Lynn Weed, Paralegal, NYC
Able, CIDNY Newspaper Writer

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November 19, 2013 California
Vietnam Veterans of America, et al. v. CIA, et al. Judgment and Injunction

Below are some of the significant parts of the Judgment made on November 19 in the vets’ case.

Third Amended Complaint


B. Summary of Action
21. This is a lawsuit for declaratory and injunctive relief in which Plaintiffs seek the
following equitable relief:

b. Injunctive relief enjoining DEFENDANTS, and anyone in concert with
them, from failing and refusing promptly to notify and provide medical care to Plaintiffs and class
members, and various other forms of injunctive relief, as prayed for below.
Pg 13



1. Judgment is entered for Plaintiffs on their claim, pursuant
to the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), that Defendant
Department of the Army (Army) has an ongoing duty to warn class
members of any information acquired after the last notice was
provided, and in the future, that may affect their well-being,
when that information becomes available (Notice Claim). The Court
declares that the Army has an obligation under AR 70-25 to warn
individuals who, while serving in the armed forces, were test
subjects in any testing program in which humans were exposed to
a chemical or biological substance for the purpose of studying or
observing the effects of such exposure (that was sponsored,
overseen, directed, funded, and/or conducted by the Department of
the Army) of any information acquired after the last notice was
provided, and in the future, that may affect their well-being,
when that information becomes available. Plaintiffs are entitled
to an injunction on that Notice Claim and such injunction shall
Pg. 2



WHEREAS, the Court has granted Plaintiffs summary judgment
that Defendant Department of the Army has an ongoing duty to warn
members of the class about newly acquired information that may
affect their well-being now and in the future as it becomes
available, and good cause appearing therefor;
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that said Defendant is enjoined as follows:

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Wash. D.C. Rally

Lynn Weed 001

D.C. Rally

Kelb Attends D.C. Rally with Restore the 4th, ACLU,Stop Watching Us and so many others

10/26/13 Washington, D.C.
The D.C. Rally was very successful, as far as we could see. There were about three thousand people (+) in attendance. Long blue silk like signs, high up in the air, joined the shorter hand held signs.

Our message was clear and the crowd was enthusiastic and intent. “Stop Watching Us !” was the message. Simple, sincere and “there”. Supporting organizations were: Stop Watching Us, Electronic Freedom Frontier, Restore the Fourth, Kelb, Inc., Partnership for Civil Justice Fund(PCJF), Thank You Ed Snowden.org,, and many others.

PCJF explained the core message well. They have :
“exposed domestic spying operations including thousands of pages of documents revealing how the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies used their “anti-terrorism” authority and funding to spy on and suppress peaceful protest movements in the United States; uncovered the implementation of a mass surveillance grid; and engaged in other litigation and government transparency work in defense of free speech, civil rights, and civil liberties.”

The group, “Restore the Fourth” explained the nationwide significance of the event: “. . . Hundreds of thousands of people have spoken out since the major NSA leaks began this June. More than 560,000 people took action at StopWatching.Us by signing our petition to the U.S. Congress. Dozens of members of Congress have introduced bills aimed at reining in the NSA, and hundreds of organizations and companies are uniting to end the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance.. . .” (see link below:”Restore the Fourth”)
The petition is calling on Congress to take immediate action to put an end to the surveillance and “provide a full public accounting of the NSA’s and the FBI’s data collection programs.” Over 500,000 people have thus far added their signatures.
The rally comes at a crucial moment, on the 12th anniversary of the signing of the Patriot Act and as the Senate Intelligence Committee plans to take up legislation to revise the NSA’s spying authority.

“The American patriots participating in this protest understand the fundamental truth […]. . .” (See link below, Intellihub)

The “ThankYouEdSnowden” site well describes an important aspect of this problem:
“ The American people oppose the surveillance state, but have never had a say or a vote on it. The people have not given their consent to the government’s mass dragnet operation to collect, store and analyze their emails and their telephone calls. . . “
Kelb is in absolute agreement. We marched, carried signs and we applaud the efforts of PCJF , the EFF, Restore the Fourth and the ThankYouEdward Snowden, Mega groups and all groups involved in this vital work. The speakers also well articulated the problem and exhorted action.

Jesselyn Radack, a former Justice Department ethics advisor who is now a director with the Government Accountability Project, read a statement from Snowden to the crowd.
“This isn’t about red or blue party lines, and it definitely isn’t about lines, and it definitely isn’t about terrorism,” Snowden wrote. “It’s about being able to live in a free and open society.” He also noted that “elections are coming up, and we are watching you”. Members of Congress and government officials, he said, were supposed to be “public servants, not private investigators”.

As Ms Radack explained (paraphrasing) America now has the power and capability to put an electronic fence around the United States and any people it wants to. She explained, “they” are on your phone, on your computer, they know your most private thoughts. . . .”
Her advice ? : “Do nothing and this will continue to happen.” . . . Very rousing, and impressive. Points extremely well made.

Gary Johnson, 2012 Libertarian Party Candidate for President and Thomas Drake, former NSA whistleblower, and the legal representative for the ACLU, Shahid Bhutar and others spoke. They explained the capabilities these new technologies present. Gary Johnson explained that the fourth amendment was written to prevent unnecessary search and seizure, as Americans, as colonists, had suffered under the English soldiers. Very emotional and moving speech.
Thomas Drake, described the treachery some American agencies exhibit, when whistleblowers, such as himself and Edward Snowden reveal these atrocities. He caution against, “”acid turned up by the potent brew of secrecy and surveillance”.

He says he has been lucky, but many have been crushed under, by these agencies. Again a very moving speech and his warnings heard.

A very eloquent and powerful woman lawyer/speaker, representing the ACLU, on Saturday, explained that there is a new bill that only needs seven votes for passage. She explained the legal tenets that were being violated and spoke of the ACLU long and historical work on this major issue.

“Please call your senators and congress people.” she exhorted the listening and chanting crowd. “Tell them to vote for this bill: “USA Freedom Act “(Spying reform), by Michelle Richardson, Legislative Counsel, ACLU, Washington Legislative Office. Kelb supports this effort and we also, urge all members to call and urge your legislature to vote for passage of “USA Freedom Act.”

Shahid Buthar made a very logical and impassioned speech about the illegal abuses innocent Americans have suffered at the hands of the NSA and intelligence agencies.
One of the most “telling” comments made by those speaking, I thought, came from the Emcee. He said, “you think when you turn your cell phone “off”, it is “off”. You think when you turn your computer “off”, you have turned it “off”. You have not. “They” may well still be there, – our devices are actually “on” (in spite of our free choice to “turn them off”) and “they – NSA , etc.” are listening. “

I was thinking, “he is right”. We really aren’t making those choices. Due to the situation, “they” turn our devices “on and off”. Without our knowledge and consent. This is our country. Our Country. !

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Please choose one of these amazing and very pertinent links.  Chose one, two or many.  They all tell the story, our story that for so long, we have been presenting. 



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